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Matched Betting News

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NRL Finals

The NRL finals commence tonight with the Roosters playing the Rabbitohs at the SCG. Pointsbet have changed up their usual 4-Up halftime payout to an early payout if your team scores a try in the first 6 minutes of the match. Meanwhile, Sportsbet have kept their 6-up at half-time payout, available for all games this week. Below are some of the stand-out promotions on offer:

Tabtouch: Place a First Tryscorer bet and if your player doesn’t score the opening try of the game but the second, get paid as a winner up to $100

Sportsbet: Get paid out early if your team lead by 6-points or more at half time

Pointsbet: Get paid out early if your team scores a try in the first 6 minutes of the game 

Bluebet: Get 50% Bonus in the First Tryscorer market – up to $200 as a Bonus Bet!

The Tabtouch promotion we can take advantage of by backing & laying one of the favourites that presents a close match on Betfair. If our selection then scores the 2nd try, we receive our full payout from Tabtouch (up to $100) and then also retain our Betfair lay stake. The Bluebet promotion is slightly different as it provides boosted winnings in bonus bets, we can use this promo to lock in profits if we can get a good match on Betfair closer to game time.

We’ll do our best to post free plays on our Instagram and Snapchat using these two promotions. We will post near game-time as the promos require liquidity in the Betfair market, so keep an eye if you want access to some free bets.


Ladbrokes are today offering a 2-day play on Swan Hill into Flemington tomorrow. As per the image below, if you place a $50 bet in races 1-4 at Swan Hill, you’ll receive up to $50 in bonus bets to use in the corresponding race at Flemington.

The best way to play this promotion is to back & lay a runner that provides the lowest qualifying loss in each race, which will incur a small loss of a few dollars, depending on your match (the back odds compared to the lay odds). You will then have a $50 bonus to use at Flemington, in which using our methods you can turn into an easy $40+ in risk-free profits. Meaning you can easily make $30-$35+ from each race using this promotion after turning over your bonus bet. Linked below is our calculator you would use to determine your lay stake on Betfair once you have identified a close odds-match.

If you’re not sure how to turnover a bonus bet to lock in profits shoots us a message and we’ll give you hand!

Worth a mention

  • Sportsbet are offering a boosted winnings up to $50 in bonus bets for this weeks AFL finals. As with any boosted winnings promotion, we can often use them to lock in profits, or decrease the qualifying losses of dutching sports promotions.
  • Tabtouch are again offering a great promotion for this week’s AFL, where you will get up to $50 back in cash if your team leads at any time during the last quarter but lose.
  • Tabtouch have another boosted winnings promotion on this week’s EPL Correct Score market, up to $100 in cash. This is another promo we’ll be keeping our eye on and will post a free play if the opportunity presents itself.
  • Sportsbet are again paying 4 places on this Saturdays Makybe Diva Stakes (Flemington R7).

As always, if you need any assistance with any of the above information feel free to message us and we’ll look after you. Alternatively, if you want to learn all of our low-risk money making methods, consider joining our Elites System, linked below. We have over 1000+ Elite members consistently making $500+ profit each week, all while running none to minimal risk!

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You’ve heard us raving on about Spring Racing for weeks on end, but now we’re glad to finally announce that Spring is officially here this Sunday! For those of you who are new to matched betting, Spring racing is like Christmas for matched bettors; it’s the peak time to apply our methods on horse racing. This is all thanks to bookmakers drastically increasing the number of promotions on offer (as we’re about to touch on), in order to fight for market share during this prime racing season.

Pointsbet have come to the table early, adding 4th place onto the standard 2nd & 3rd racing promotion. As depicted in the image below, they’re offering bonus-back on select races every day. They currently have it available for this Saturday at Caufield Races 1-6. Neds & Sportsbet have also upped the number of promotional races compared to previous weeks, offering races 1-5 at both Caufield and Rosehill this Saturday.

Last Spring racing season, Pointsbet offered 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th on some of the bigger meets and races, which is an insane promotion. With a bit of luck, there’s a fair chance we could see this same promo returning over the coming weeks.

This dramatic surge in racing promotions will only further support and strengthen our CK Racing results, so do yourself a favour and follow the link if you’re looking to make some serious profits this Spring from +EV punting. Our system raked in over 180 units in profit alone last Spring, making it one of the best in the country!

Sportsbet Paying 4-places

A unique promotion offered by Sportsbet for this week’s Memsie Stakes at Caufield Race 8. You can potentially profit from this promotion by backing and laying a select runner to place and if it places 4th you’ll gain a double payout. We’ll provide more details regarding this promotion over the coming days for all Elite members.

N BK U Method

The Cash Kings Team as well as our Elite members are currently on fire with the N BK U method, having hit 4 out of our last 5 races we have posted. Many of our members made anywhere from $700-$900+ profit from last week alone when we hit 3 races in a row, and that’s while not even max-staking this method! We post the best races available for this strategy daily to all Elite members. If you would like to learn more about the N BK U method, which is only 1/11 low-risk money-making strategies we employ, check out The Elites System via the link below or shoot us a message on Facebook (linked at the end).

More Information On Elites System

Notable mentions

AFL finals are looking promising, with some bookies already uploading some nice promotions. We’ll touch on this topic again in full detail next week.

We have a great play up for tonight’s NRL match with a solid justification behind our bets, make sure you get on that if you’re a Promos Paradise member.

Tabtouch are offering the following promotion for this week’s EPL matches, which will feature heavily in our suggestions to Promos Paradise members:

  • Place a Match Result bet on any EPL Week 4 match and if your team win to nil, receive a 50% bonus on your winnings up to $50 (on-line account bets only).

As always, be sure to get around our socials if you would like to stay up to date with matched betting news, free bets to follow, and more!



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Spring + AFL Finals are BACK!

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AFL Finals Approaching!
After another huge season, the AFL home & away games come to an end this weekend, with an exciting round to finish it off. Many teams will be battling it out for a finals place while others are looking to lock in their double chance with a top 4 finish. We’ve had a great year from our AFL payouts, however they have died down in recent times due to Sportsbet and Pointsbet limiting the games available on their promotions. The good news is that the bookies should ramp up their promotional offers for the upcoming final series, which starts in two weeks’ time. And with a bit of luck, we may even see the return of Sportbet’s 12-up promotion!

CK Racing heating up
CK Racing returned us 13.7 units profit last Saturday, which equates to $685 profit if you staked with $50 units, enough to cover your monthly sub & profit just from one days’ worth of bets! With the top-quality horses starting to return for spring racing, our system is only going to continue to produce the goods for our members. What makes CK Racing unique is that it’s relatively low-risk compared to most other services, as we use the 2nd & 3rd placing promotions as a safety net with the majority of our tips, which only strengthen the value we’re getting when used in conjunction with our data system.You can find out more info on CK Racing here. Doors reopen on the 2nd of September, for only the 3rd TIME THIS YEAR! >

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Other notable news:

-Beteasy are offering double your winnings on the Collingwood v Essendon match. $10 appears to be the max stake most people have received but check your ‘My Rewards’ section to see if you have gotten lucky with a higher max stake value.

-Unibet are offering $3.00 for Brisbane to beat Richmond (max bet $50 and first 1000 users only). We would advise not to touch this ‘odds boost’ considering you can get $2.90 elsewhere, meaning the ‘boost’ provides little value, at the risk of hindering the sustainability of your account.

-Sportsbet are offering a 3+ leg same game multi promotion available for this month’s EPL matches that you can apply our SGM method on, in addition with the AFL & NRL matches.

-Neds and Sportsbet are offering the 2nd & 3rdracing promotion available for races 1-2 at York (UK) tonight and tomorrow.

Promos Paradise
If you’re struggling to keep up to date with all the current promotions on offer by the bookies and you’re unsure how to play them in the most efficient manner, join our Promos Paradise service. Here you will see every single sport promotion on the one page for convenience and provide you with exact bets to follow that are backed by our extensive statistics database. This is guaranteed to save you hours of scanning bookies’ sites and creating your own bets.Promos Paradise comes with a free 14-day trial, so you have absolutely nothing to lose. Give it a crack via the link below!

Free plays posted on our socials
If you’re not already, make sure you’re following us on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook (links below), where we post free bets, educational content and more. Last week we posted a completely risk-free NRL play that returned us a handy $32 profit, not bad at all for the two minutes it took to place the bet.
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-Facebook group:

Marijuana & Crypto?

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In our third instalment of Cash Kings’ Crypto Newsletter, once again we’ll be updating you on all that is happening in the crypto world.

Since our last article, Bitcoin has held its critical $9300 USD support level and the 50 day moving average, which provide us with neutral-bullish signs of its upcoming movement. And if we look at the RSI, currently sitting around 50, there is a long-term support level of 43, which it also continues to hold. This might suggest that Bitcoin has much more room to move before it enters overvalued territory again.

Over in the Ethereum neck of the woods, we can see a strong correlation of price action between it and Bitcoin. It, like Bitcoin, has held its critical support level at $198 USD but has not experience much other volatility in the last week, while its RSI is hovering just above the 40 level, suggesting that Ethereum is not currently overvalued according to this indicator.

Onto the big news stories of the week…

Blockchain-Based Marijuana Payment System

Over in Arizona, a new cannabis industry-oriented payments solution has been accepted. The Company, called Alta, is a cash management solution for licensed medical marijuana providers and vendors, and intends to offer a stablecoin that is pegged 1:1 with the US Dollar. Alta’s end goal is to let users use this new stablecoin to pay for goods and services without using Fiat money (ie USD). This company has come about in an attempt to bridge the gap between the marijuana cash economy, which exceeds $350 million annually in Arizona alone, and the finance sector; Alta aims to “lift the burden of having to operate solely through cash and to make communities safer.” In a new bill proposed in the state of California, lawmakers have recommended that tax payments from cannabis-related businesses might soon be permitted to be in crypto, a big move for the crypto industry!

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Marijuana Payment System

The Pit Exchange Takes on Binance, the major crypto wallet and blockchain provider has just launched its own crypto exchange to compete with popular platforms such as Binance. This new service was created by a team of former execs from Google and Goldman Sachs, NYSE and TD Ameritrade. According to their public announcement, The Pit will make itself available in over 200 countries and will initially support 26 trading pairs. Peter Smith, the CEO of, commented on the speed of The Pit’s Mercury processing engine, claiming that the The Pit can execute order in a matter of microseconds, representing some of the fastest order-matching in the business. So far the company has raised a total of $70 million from investors including Richard Branson, Alphabet venture arm and Lakestar.

We Return to the US Congress

The importance of what occurs in the US House of Congress in the next 18 months cannot be understated. What these men and women ultimately settle upon, will shape the future of blockchain technology, the crypto space and even the worldwide economy for many years to come. This week, many advocates came forward, one of them being Senator Michael Crapo, stating “I want the US to stay at the forefront of this technology, which both has incredible potential and incredible risk”. Senator Catherine Marie Cortez Masto said that she also believes in the potential of blockchain and the importance of leading in this technology over China. As you can see, this support and long-term vision for a future built around the blockchain is met with some fear and apprehension, especially regarding the risk Facebook’s Libra poses to the foundations of the US Dollar, however it is apparent that even the biggest economy in the world is preparing for a future that is powered by blockchain technology.

Trump At It Again!

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Welcome back to another instalment of Cash Kings’ Crypto Newsletter, where our goal is not only to update our members but also to educate each of them on all that is Cryptocurrency.

 In the last 7 days, this unique sector has received an uptick in exposure thanks to a surprising (but somewhat not so surprising) tweet from none other than President Donald J Trump. This is the first time a sitting US President has acknowledged the existence of crypto currency. As you can see below, Trump is not a fan of Bitcoin or Facebook’s proposed currency, Libra and instead hails the US Dollar as the “most dominant currency” in the world, however it is our opinion that any publicity is good publicity.

After a bounce off support at $9,300 USD up to $10,750, Bitcoin has fallen back down again to the $9,600 USD region and the question now is, will it be able to hold the critical $9,300 support level? The RSI technical indicator suggests there might be some improvement in its price in the following week however the volume traded appears to be dying off. Time will tell!

Meanwhile Ethereum also seems to be on the slide back down to its $198 USD support level, which many investors will be looking towards for a sign of strength and optimism in the currency.

Libra Inquisition

As Trump’s tweet outlined, mass scepticism regarding Libra prevails to become the week’s biggest crypto news story. At this time, US Government hearings on Libra continue and many questions have been pointed towards Libra’s operational head and Facebook employee, David Marcus, whether the company is fully equipped to handle the potential volatility and privacy concerns relating to the coin. Congress’ apprehensions regarding the coin centre around the immense economic power Facebook might hold through the control of a global currency and ecosystem. Marcus has quashed many of these concerns by explaining that Libra will be an entirely separate entity from Facebook and will be independently based in Switzerland, in order to ensure the services can be used globally and not bound by local United States’ restrictions. Despite Congress viewing this proposal as “one of the biggest issues this panel will deal with in decades”, the vast amount of resources congress are spending to research the impact of Libra can only mean that a future crypto economy is inevitable and is here with us to stay.

Robinhood Series E Funding Round

In an official announcement on July 22, cryptocurrency-inclusive trading platform, Robinhood has raised $323 million, placing its valuation at $7.6 billion. The platform is only six years old and its userbase has grown significantly from 4 to 6 million in only the last year, with a user base of mainly millennials. According to an anonymous source from Bloomberg, Robinhood has been making steady inroads to expand its existing cryptocurrency infrastructure and has partnered with Chicago trading firm, Jump Trading to execute its crypto trades. As Robinhood continues to grow within the sphere of millennial investors, we predict that so too will the volume in cryptocurrency traded.

New Crypto Regulator Division in New York

The state’s financial regulator, the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) has established a new department that will be solely responsible for licensing and regulating crypto-related businesses. NYDFS will begin requiring that businesses involved in the issuance and trade of digital assets receive a registration called a BitLicense, with the goal of assuring customers in the space that operators are observing certain standards regarding disclosure and consumer data protection.

EPL Promo Is Back!

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Football season is finally back! The EPL kicks off this Saturday morning at 5:00am with Liverpool playing Norwich City for the opening game of the season.

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You’ll all be glad to know that Sportsbet have come to the table with a super offer, where they will pay us out early if the team you back leads at half time (max bet $250). We will be playing this offer, via a 3-way dutch in addition with the other promotions available, on the games we deem most lucrative, as always!

Below, you will find some additional standout promotions on offer for this week’s EPL:

• Ubet: Place a result win bet on any EPL match and if your team leads at half-time but doesn’t win, get a bonus bet back up to $50.

• TAB: Back a team to win any EPL match and, if your team leads at half-time but doesn’t win the match, get a Bonus Bet back up to $50

• Tabtouch: Place a Match Result bet on any of this week’s EPL matches and if your team score first but doesn’t the match, money back up to $50

• Beteasy: Place a 4+ leg W-D-W multi on World Soccer matches and if your multi misses by one leg, you will get your stake back as a Bonus Bet up to $50 (Minimum odds $1.10 per leg, minimum combined multibet odds $1.50)

• Unibet: 5% profit boost on single bets – 10% profit boost on 3+ leg multis – 20% profit boost on 5+ leg multis.

• Bet365: Place a pre-match single bet on the Full Time Result market, and if the team you back goes 2 goals ahead at any stage during the match, we will pay out your bet in full regardless of whether the opposition comes back to win or draw

• Bluebet: Place a EPL Win-Draw-Win multi of 4 legs or more and if your multi fails by 1 leg, get your stake back as a bonus bet up to $50 (Minimum odds of $1.20 per leg, min final odds of $3.00)

Palmerbet, Pointsbet, Neds, and Ladbrokes are all yet to come to the party with any promotions, but I’d expect most of these bookies to upload some promos closer to the weekend.

If you’re yet to join our Promos Paradise service, where we send out our best low-risk, high-reward sports promotion bets, you can sign-up via the link below and receive a free 14-day trial!


Good news! They have continued their AFL & NRL promotions (below) for this upcoming weekend. We’ll be using the two promotions in Promos Paradise to dutch on select games, ideally on a favourite that isn’t too short, as the shorter the odds, the more you need to stake to qualify for a higher bonus bet value. For instance, whilst a $1.10 favourite is very likely to pump their opponent and therefore likely trigger either one of the below promos, you would need to stake $500 (plus your stake on the other team) on the $1.10 favourite just to qualify for a $50 bonus bet in return. This is why we use the team’s 20+ years of combined experience to find the sweet spot around $1.50 odds on a team we predict to win comfortably.

AFL – For every AFL match this round, place a head to head bet and if your team wins by 24 points or more, we will Double your Winnings in Bonus Bets up to $100!

NRL – For every NRL match this round, place a head to head bet and if your team wins by 12 points or more, we will Double your Winnings in Bonus Bets up to $100!

For those of you that are starting to see the potential value in using sports promotions in our favour, please note that this is just 1/10 of the methods we teach in The Elites System. If you’re serious about earning a sustainable source of income from Matched Betting and would like to learn all of our methods and receive ongoing support, check out The Elites System via the link below or shoot us a message on our Facebook page with your questions!

See More Information On The Elites System

Weekly Matched Betting News

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Once again, the Cash Kings are here to provide you with your weekly Matched Betting update and the most effective methods to make risk-free income in the industry!

🔥🔥Unibet Horse Racing Promotions🔥🔥

Our bankrolls are about to get a bit more padded as this week, Unibet has finally come to the party with the horse racing promotions for 2nd or 3rd placings. In an effort to one-up their peers, not only have Unibet joined their competition in offering this common promotion, they have increased their offer to $75 back in bonus bets, as apposed to $50 with most other bookmakers. This promotion is now available in races 1-5 at Rosehill and Caufield.

In addition, this Saturday for the first race at every thoroughbred meeting in Australia, they are offering a Unibet Uplift feature to use. To clarify, as mentioned in our weekly newsletter last week, the Unibet Uplift is simply a boost product, giving you boosted odds on every runner in the race.

You can take advantage of this promo by using the Boost method from the Elites System. In order to execute this with precision, we recommend keeping an eye on the odds with Unibet and Betfair close to the jump and trying to find a runner that has late money coming onto it, meaning you’ll likely receive a good discrepancy on your boost.

P.S. They are also offering FOOTY FILL UPS!

🔥🔥Sportsbet AFL 🔥🔥

All good news must accompany some less than stellar news; Sportsbet are still yet to upload their usual AFL 12-up promotion for this week’s matches, raising our suspicions regarding the longevity of this offer. We highly recommend our Promos Paradise members to place a couple of mug-bets on AFL matches this week despite an apparent absence of promotions. The importance of doing this cannot be emphasised more heavily, as if you have been targeting the AFL promotions regularly with us over the course of this season, flags may be raised on your account if you do not bet when Sportsbet aren’t providing these promotions. In saying this, there is still a minor chance that Sportsbet will upload the promotion in time, but at this stage it is looking very unlikely.

Their NRL promotion remains the same for this round, meaning all three games from Thursday-Friday are available for the 6-up promotion.

🔥🔥Underrated bookie 🔥🔥

Tabtouch – We thought we would shine a spotlight on Tabtouch this week, who have gained our attention for being comparatively relaxed with both their sports promotions and horse racing boosts. This means you can hammer both of these features for a very long time before you receive a warning regarding your account’s promo misuse.

This Saturday, Tabtouch are offering an additional 5 SuperPicks (their boost feature) to use at Race 1 at Belmont, Caufield, Rosehill, Eagle Farm & Morphettville. As usual, use as many of their boosts products as possible to create Risk Free Arbs.

🔥🔥Same Game Multi Promotion🔥🔥

In more minor news, TAB have also posted a same game multi (SGM) promotion for this upcoming AFL round. If you are lucky enough to count yourself as an Elite member, you would have recently seen our SGM strategy we posted, detailing how to use the SGM promotions to create a low-risk high-reward scenario. TAB’s SGM promo also has no minimum odd requirements, meaning it is another great bookie you can use to apply this strategy with.

🔥🔥NRL Payout🔥🔥

If you weren’t following last night’s NRL match between the Sharks & Cowboys, we posted a colossal Promos Paradise play that presented us with a shot at a $900+ payout if the Cowboys lead by 6+ at half time and then lost the match. Unfortunately, a missed conversion right on half time meant the Cowboys lead by only 4 points at the break. Despite missing the maximum payout, we still walked away with a $387 profit from this play, as the double payout occurred with Pointsbet (the 4-up promotion). This is what sets the Cash Kings aside from the competition; even when we miss on the maximum payout, we still position ourselves in the optimal position to gain our clients a healthy profit. Congratulations to all of our loyal Promos Paradise members who followed our play!

For those who want to gain some insight into the mind of a Cash King, below was our pre-game justification for the basis of this bet:

“This season, the Sharks have been involved in 4 games where the Pointsbet promo has triggered, in 3 of these matches they came from behind at half time to win, triggering the promo on their opponent. Additionally, the Sharks have also hit on the Sportsbet 6-up promo twice, where they came from behind at H/T to win on both occasions.

The Cowboys, on the other hand are the opposite, whilst they have also been involved in 4 games where the Pointsbet promo has hit, in 3 of these matches they lead by 4 + at H/T and then lost. The cowboys have also hit on the Sportsbet promo once, where they lead by 6+ at H/T then lost the match.

These two stats match up perfectly for this game, giving us a good reason to go hard at this one. Hopefully the match goes as planned and we all have a big night!”

If you aren’t apart of the Promos Paradise service, you can join via the link below and receive a 14-day free trial.

All the best for the weekend legends! 💪💪

Crypto Newsletter

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Another big welcome to the first week of the Cash Kings Crypto Newsletter.

With this free series, we will be aiming to educate all our Cash Kings members on the latest in Crypto trends, ICOs and headlines. And it is our hope that if you are not currently in a position to profit from this insightful edge, then you will learn with each instalment – so one dayin the not too distant future, you can diversify your investments into cryptocurrency in the spirit of a true Cash King!

Until then, sit tight and read carefully!

Before we properly begin, let’s start off with a quick description of a crypto currency for all you novices with us. This is an online currency, able to be traded anywhere in the world with the unique advantage of being cryptographically recorded so that transactions are secure and almost impossible to counterfeit. Plainly, this means that all transactions are decentralised and each transaction must be verified by an array of users from across the globe, through the use of private keys.

Due to the limited nature of the most popular coins on the market, many investors see value in these intangible coins just like they might with gold. In recent history, thousands of millionaires and even billionaireshave been minted from investing in cryptocurrencies. At the Cash Kings, we have reason to believe that despite what you might hear on the news about the crypto crash of 2017, this strange market still has significant upside and untapped potential.

The last 7 days in Crypto News…

This week, we’ve seen quite a cool down in the crypto markets and some much-needed consolidation in a lot of major cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has come down to below USD 11K off highs of USD 13K, whilst still maintaining its colossal USD 200 billion dollar market cap. The momentum behind this coin should not be underestimated and especially, after its 170% surge in only the last 70 days. From a technical perspective, Bitcoin has a strong track record of holding its 200 day moving average on the 4 hourly charts, which has been a strong indicator of support during the coin’s history and has done well to maintain this. A similar, but not so steep upward trend and slight cooling off has also been witnessed with the other major cryptos including Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin, amongst others. According to many experts, this consolidation presents a relatively safe opportunity to buy if you believe in the crypto world’s long-run success, which is moving from strength to strength based upon the number of governments, banks and even social media companies (think Facebook) which are readily establishing infrastructure to support this.

Goldman Sachs Kicks its Secret Crypto Project into Gear
Earlier this month, a new job listing by investment bank Goldman Sachs reveals its subtle intention to make its first proper foray into the crypto space. The listing is for a Digital Asset Project Manager inside the bank’s in-house incubator program. When looking at the job post carefully, it requires a leader who is well-versed in the area of blockchain, digital asset and distributed ledger technology. In conjunction with the CEO (who also performs as a house DJ, visit listen), David Solomon’s recent statement suggesting that GS are looking closely at the potential of stablecoins (cryptos pegged to fiat currencies ie USD), tokenisation and frictionless payments, we can conclude that the investment bank are investing heavily into the crypto space.

Samsung Finally Released their Blockchain and DApp Software Development KitTechnology giant Samsung just announced the release of its blockchain and decentralised application (DApp) Software Development Kit (SDK) in what has become their most significant move in the direction of supporting the creation of blockchain technology. SDK permits for account management and backup, payment and digital signature facilitation, Samsung Keystore and other cold wallet support. This development builds on top of their existing storage facility for private cryptocurrency keys that accompanied the release of the Samsung Galaxy S10 in February. And in June, Samsung’s IT subsidiary announced its launch of three new products angled towards addressing clients’ worries about blockchain; just more proof of the lengths the tech giant is going to, to pave the way for simplified use of cryptocurrency in our everyday life.

Central Bank of Turkey Put Digital Currency on New Economic Roadmap
An economic roadmap published by the Turkish government, that underlines a push towards “blockchain-based digital central bank money” has turned the heads of many crypto advocates. Detailed in the report, the development plan lists blockchain adoption in the operation of transportation and customs, further suggesting that its implementation will improve public services and administration. This expands on Turkey’s ex deputy Prime Minster’s statement in early 2018, articulating “we are planning to start our own work on digital currencies”. And while some in the Turkish government remain sceptical towards cryptocurrencies, it works in alignment with a paper issued by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), predicting in late June that several banks will start issuing digital currencies in the near future. Turkey is not the only country to venture into the crypto space, the IMF has cited testing projects in Uruguay, the Bahamas, China, Sweden and the Ukraine; these countries represent just the tip of the iceberg concerning the widespread government-adoption of blockchain currency distribution.

New Unibet Feature

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On the back end of an enthralling Wimbledon series, news in the matched betting world has cooled off this week as bookmakers consolidate during the typically quiet winter season. The good news is that Spring is only 6 weeks away and we are expecting a variety of new promotions for racing and NBA to kick things off, with a concentration of offers in the early part of the season. We recommend to all members of our community that you use this quieter period to learn your matched betting theory and prepare your accounts, so you can hit the ground running come Spring!


For all you greyhound enthusiasts out there, there are plenty of greyhound promotions still available during the week, all of which are updated on the racing calendar daily. Visit this link.

The British Open

If golf interests you at all, you will be glad to know The Open Championship kicks off today (THURSDAY) at 3:35pm AEST. Unfortunately, promotions are slim for this event, but below you will find the current offers available:

-Neds: Place a bet on the Open Championship Winner Futures market and if your player finishes 2nd or 3rd, get up to $50 back in bonus bets.

-Palmerbet: Place an outright win bet on The Open Championship, and if your player finishes 2nd or 3rd, get up to $50 back in bonus bets

-Tabtouch: Place a bet on the 2019 Open Championship Tournament Winner and if your selection wins the tournament by 2 strokes or more, receive a 50% bonus on your winnings up to $100

-Sportsbet: We’re paying out 7 Places on pre-tournament British Open Outright Winner betting! (Each Way terms: 7-places, 1/5 odds)

New Feature on Unibet

In a similar move to its main rivals, Unibet has finally added two new boost features to its site, one called ‘Uniboosts’ and the other called an ‘Uplift’. While these features are still in their formative stages, in the future we will be able to use them in a number of ways outlined in the Elites System.

-A Uniboost is a product feature that punters can apply to a runner of their choosing to boost the dividend on that runner. Uniboosts are available every day to eligible Unibet customers

-The Unibet Uplift is an enhanced odds product feature that will be applied to certain races and will give punters an “Uplifted Price” on any runner in the race

To view the select races that have the Unibet Uplift available, you must check the Unibet Uplift promotional page (link below).

No photo description available.
No photo description available.

How To Get A Free Pizza!

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We kick off the week with the long-anticipated State of Origin Game 3 tonight, which is the decider match of the series. When looking at current odds, bookies have NSW as strong favorites at $1.38, whilst Queensland are paying $3.20.

The standout and most lucrative promotion on offer is Pointsbet’s early payout if your team lead by 4 points or more at half time (max stake $200).Madbookie are also touting a fair offer for the match – Get a bonus bet back up to $100 if your team leads at half time OR lead by 8 points but lose.

A wonderful opportunity to practice the art of the back and lay method is given to us by the Tabtouch promotion, who are paying out on the First 2 Try-Scores up to $100. This technique offers a significant advantage over merely punting a promotion, in that once the First 2 Tries have been scored, we are able to significantly reduce or completely remove any downside risk. Simply back & lay a player in the ‘1st Try Scorer Market’ with a close match on Betfair, then we profit if our player doesn’t score the 1st try, but scores the 2nd try. We will be paid out on Tabtouch in full up to $100, whilst having no losses in our Betfair account.

Over in the Bluebet stables, they are offering a 100% boost on your winnings up to $200 in bonus bets for the First Try Scorer market. If a risk-free crack at $130+ profit sounds good to you, we recommend attempting the following example bet:

$20 @ $11 on Corey Oats (1st Try Scorer market with Bluebet)

Lay $21 @ $12 on Corey Oats – On 1st Try Scorer market on Betfair

If Oats doesn’t score the 1st try we lose nothing, as our $21 lay in Betfair wins ($20 profit after 5% commission).

If Oats does score the 1st try we lose -$231 in Betfair , but then attain $200 profit in Bluebet plus the $200 bonus bet thanks to the promotion.

With our Elites methods, we could then turn the $200 bonus-bet turn into an easy $160+ risk free profits. Meaning our final result would be $129 profit, all whilst risking nothing.Please note the above bet is just an example bet you could do closer to the start of the match. The lay-odds have been made-up to replicate the real odds that would occur close to the game when more money comes into the market.

If a cheap pizza is your thing during a night on the punt, Tab & Ubet can get you a $20 Dominos code by placing a $20+ bet on the First Try Scorer Market. Again here, the strategy is to back and lay any selection on Betfair in which the back odds are as close to the lay odds as possible; this will likely incur a small loss of a few dollars. You will then rewarded for your efforts with a $20 voucher via SMS. Be sure to keep an eye on the First Try Scorer market on both TAB/Ubet & Betfair closer to the start of the game.The majority of the above promotions and more will be used in our Play of The Day for tonight’s match, which can be found in the Promos Paradise section of the website. The plays have a consistent track record that minimises all risk and is an unrivalled strategy for building your bankroll. All results can be seen by visiting this link>>

We will also do our best to provide updates in The Elites chat to help our members find the best Betfair matches available for the above mentioned First Try Scorer promotions.For a full list of promotions featuring tonight’s State of Origin Games and our play of the night, check out this link and claim your FREE 14 Day Trial to Promos Paradise.

In other uplifting news for the community, Sportsbet have decided to retain their AFL early-payout promotion for both Friday & Saturday matches during this upcoming round. And with no Thursday matches in this week’s NRL, only Friday matches are available for Sportsbet’s 6-up early-payout promotion.Once again, if you haven’t taken advantage of Madbookie’s updated deposit offers they are providing the following deposit matches for all new accounts on their promotions page:· 100% bonus up to $200 (for racing or sports)· 100% bonus up to $600 (racing only)· Deposit $2000 get $1000 bonus bets (racing only)· Deposit $5000 get $1500 bonus bets (racing only)As mentioned last week, we recommend most members take the $600 for $600 bonus offer, however, feel free to go for higher deposits if you have the funds available. You can easily turn that into $500 using our Matched Betting techniques.